You can always discover something new during your travel in Tokyo, such as advanced technologies, modern architectures and museums, historic shrines and temples, traditional arts and crafts, etc. Enjoy a variety of Tokyo with us!

<Walking around in Asakusa>

You can enjoy walking around the Asakusa area on top of visiting the old temple – Sensoji.
There are many shops where you can find interesting goods which are fitted for  gifts as well as comedy theatres, traditional restaurants with long history, an amusement park, cinema and last but not the least traditional bars (Izakaya).
Please enjoy yourself.

<Cosplay and Pricula (photo booth) in Akihabara>

Akihabara used to be an electric town and changed into a place where you can enjoy anime and cosplay now.
It is very fun to wear various costumes to take photos in Pricura photo booth.
Visitors from Germany really enjoyed it.

<Asakusa – Sensoji temple- Kaminarimon>

This is the main entrance to Sensoji temple called Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) , one of the most popular touristic spots in Tokyo.
You have to take a picture like this, but it is usually  so crowded that you need to wait to find the best timing to take a shot.
Have a luck!

<Japanese Soba  Noodle Challenge>

This is a new Japanese soba restaurant in Shibuya which you may not be able to find easily, because it is located at a quite hidden, hiding place.
To eat Japanese Soba Noodle in the best way, you need to make  noise while slurping soba noodles. It is not against etiquette at all and the challenge is fun.

<Enjoy Matcha in a quiet garden>

Have you ever visited a tea ceremony?
Though it costs about 2,500 yen per person, you can enjoy formal but very simple tea ceremony in a quiet garden.
A lady in Kimono is making Macha tea and serves you in a special tea room.

<The Imperial Palace – Nijuubashi->

This is the main entrance to the Imperial Palace called Nijuubashi – Double Bridge. People are not allowed to enter the palace, because the emper or/ and empress live there.
However we can get into there twice a year.  The second day of New Year and the emperors anniversary to celebrate these days.
This is one of the most popular touristic points in Tokyo and you shouldn’t miss it.

<Shibuya Crossing>

This is a very popular touristic point – just in front of  the JR Shibuya Station.
However you need to choose the time between 5 to 6 p.m. to enjoy the rush hour and see all the people crossing.
Enjoy !!