We will provide interesting experiences such as a tea ceremony, purification by a monk, Japanese flower arrangement and home visit in our neighborhood. Such experiences will enrich your travel to Japan with impressive memories.
It’s worth trying !

<Purification ceremony at a local temple in Kashiwa>

Japanese people go to local temples to purify themselves as well as to ward off bad lucks whenever necessary.
Not all temples offer this service for foreign visitors but the monk in this temple is so generous to render the ceremony to any visitors.
This is a very rare opportunity that only Kashiwa Goodwill Guide can offer to  you.

<Having a chat with a monk at a local temple >

Are you interested in the Buddhism ?
The person in the middle is the monk of a local temple who had to  undergo  many days of discipline to get this status.
His branch is Nitirenshuu.
Please enjoy talking to him about the differences between your religions.

<Have cultural experiences at our local town! It’s worth trying ! >

Drinking frothy green tea in a ‘tatami’ room and admire Japanese scrolls.
You can see graceful manner and feel subtle atmosphere in the process of making a cup of tea. 

<Flower Arrangement>

A Japanese housewife clad in kimono is welcoming guests to her house and teach them flower arrangement after serving Japanese matcha tea.
This was the first time for the guests to practice flower arrangement and thanks to good and kind instructions, their work was successful.
Besides, they enjoyed having a nice chat with Japanese wives over drinking tea.

<Traditional Japanese Soba Noodle House in Asakusa>

Look at size of Shrimp tempuras!
This is a specialty of this restaurant.
This restaurant has a long history over 100 years and when you visit Asakusa, please don’t fail to reach this wonderful plate – Japanese soba noodle in flavorful soup with shrimp tempura.

<Japanese beauty –  Carps in a pond – >

These are jewels in ponds who have various shades of red, black, white and gold.
Colored carps are part of Japanese culture.
You may take your  time to spend watching colorful carps swimming in ponds.