Punctual train operations per timetable, workers packed on subways and kitchen-sized ‘yakitori’ bars, vending machines and 100 yen shops selling many kinds of things, convenience stores everywhere.

<Supermarket shopping>

This is a supermarket where Japanese people come to shop necessary food daily.
Because Japanese consumers are very keen about every aspects regarding products, you may be able to see how each product is perfect, specially packaging.

<Cherry blossoms in Ueno Park>

Japanese people have been appreciating the cherry blossoms for long time, because its beauty lasts for short time. Also Japanese people are fond of going on picnics to drink and eat with families and or friends under cherry trees.
You can see cherry blossoms as well as people enjoying the occasion.

<Cherry blossoms in local town>

There are so many famous spots to enjoy cherry blossoms in Tokyo but you see really beautiful ones in local places outside of Tokyo like the one in the picture.
However you need to have a luck to see the full bloom of cherry flowers as they do not last long time. Good luck !!