Summary of the guide report on June 4th to Ms. Nadia Arrafie

We went to Meiji-jingu, Harajuku, Edo-Tokyo Museum and Shibuya.

At Meiji-jingu, we enjoyed walking in woods, the biggest Torii in Japan, the sake and the wine bottles exhibit.
At Harajuku, we enjoyed shopping.  There are secondhand shops that sell Kimonos at good price.
At Edo-Tokyo Museum, we enjoyed the exhibition with a volunteer guide.  There is a secret exhibition of Kabuki instruments, where you can visit only with a volunteer guide, and they liked it a lot.
At Shibuya, we enjoyed a famous Hachiko dog statue and the world’s busiest crossing, but most of all shopping.

We enjoyed our history and current culture in Tokyo.  We were happy to see their big smiles especially when they found what they really wanted in Japan.