We guided the guest with 4 family members coming from US they are celebrating 15 years birthday for their oldest daughter. Actually she turned 16 yeas old by now as last year they were unable to make a trip due to infectious diseases spreaded out all of the globe. 

We said one year late Happy Birthday to her and enjoy whole trip.We guided them to Asakusa, Shibuya, Harajuku(Takeshita narrow street) and Tower of Tokyo. The satue of dog at Shibuya is very well knwn to everyone that gives us his love and loyalty to his owner. Movie “HACHI” is very emotional one for people that why this time we shared good time with my client on the Dog. 

Kimono that is the one of most atractive Japanese outfits for foreghners  with beautiful coler and the way that is fabricated by silk, amazing technology , even for us Japanese.